Q. What are your opening times?

We open between 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m., from Monday till Friday.

Q. Is it possible to ship for an international client?

Yes it is possible though our online shop doesn’t support the function for international shipment. So if you want us to supply to out of UK address, please email us your order details, like product code, quantity and size with your full delivery address. Then we will send you Proforma Invoice with the competitive shipping cost.

Q. Payment terms?

We normally doesn't accept any specific credit terms but only supply by 'Up front' payment terms. But if you necessarly need specific payment terms, feel free to email us your requirement and we will send you Account Application Forms.

Depending on the credit check results, we may offer you better payment terms, like 30 days NET. 

Q. What is the product name I ordered before?

If you advise us your company name, we can search the product details you order before with the amount as well.

Q. Do I have to order via online shop or by email or telephone?

Normally, we recommend you to place an order via our online shop, which is the most convenient and quickest way to proceed. But if you need customized supports for delivery options or payment issues, for example, feel free to contact us and we can accept your order via email or telephone as well and we will need your payment details and confirmation for dispatching your order unless agreed.

Q. What is your cut offer time for same day dispatch?

If your order is arrived before 2:30 p.m., we are normally able to dispatch it on the same day. If your order is arrived before 3:20 p.m., we can try to dispatch it on the same day for next day delivery but we couldn’t guaranteed it.

Q. Where’s my order?

Most of our client’s orders are being dispatched by a special delivery company, like UPS, TNT, DPD or Royal Mail. So if you want to chase the delivery progress, please contact us for tracking number for your order and with the number, you can track the delivery progress via the web site of the service provider.

Q. Can I open an account?

Yes you can. Please let us know the contact email address of your company and then we will send you Account Application Forms. Once you return the completed forms, we will check the credit status of your company and then will let you know if your account is opened or not.

Q. How do you charge VAT?

Altiel Ltd is a VAT registered company so we charge 20% VAT for UK customers. If you are out of UK but within EU, we will need to ask the VAT Number of your company for VAT exemption or you will get charged 20% VAT anyway. If you are out of EU, you will not get charged VAT anyway.

Q. What are the payment options you can offer?

Normally, you can securely and freely pay by credit card or by bank transfer via our online shop or via over the phone and we don’t charge any transaction fee for it. But in some cases if it doesn’t work properly or for some overseas clients, we also offer Paypal payment option as well.

Q. Can I pick up my order from your office address?

Most of our products are kept and dispatched in our warehouse in Surrey so normally you couldn’t pick up from our office address in Milton Keynes. But only A4 and A3 sheets products can be collected from our office depending on the stock. So please check it before coming if you want to order and pick up sheet products here.

Q. What is your return and refund process?

In some cases, return or refund request can be sorted out before actual return process because it may be triggered by the lack of the product understanding. So firstly give us a chance to support you with proper information. After that, if you surely want to return, we will probably need to investigate the issues with asking the reasons, some pictures of the issue, or small samples. After all, we can quickly arrange the return and refund process.